The reasons for choosing a professional photographer can make the difference between a picture and a photograph. A small investment, will take away the stress of coordinating the photo shoot experience and give you a high quality memory.
Please take a look at all of the differnt pictures that I have taken, if you are interested please contact me

Chris Langley
(416) 420-4580.


Chris Langley

Welcome to my Photography Website!

Based out of Burlington Ontario Jimmy and I are involved in many different assignments including WEDDINGS, CHILDREN and GLAMOUR photography.

We are flexible, easy to work with and you will be provided with a quality product.

Please look around and if you have any comments or need help with some creative ideas please contact us at CHRISWEB@COGECO.CA


Italian Car Day

Burlington Spring Cup

Marques d'Eleqance

Jeep Jamboree

Photographer of Exotic Cars, Weddings, Babies

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